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Western United States Trip 2004 (Page 1 of 4), Part of the Mexico Trip

These are pictures from our motorcycle trip to Mexico from Sept. 19 to Oct 25, 2004. Our journey took us from Calgary, Alberta Canada through the Western United States to Mexico.  We entered Baja California at Tecate and traveled all the way to Cabo San Lucas. From La Paz we took the ferry to Mazatlan and rode along the coast through Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa, Acapulco to Oaxaca.  At that point we had to turn back retracing our steps to Mazatlan and then following the coastal road to Ciudad Obregion were we went in-land to the famous Copper Canyon and visited Batopilas before making our journey home to Canada through the middle of the United States.  Western United States Pictures (Pg. 1 of 4) covers the western United States including our journey to Mexico and back to Canada. Mexico Pictures (Pg. 2 of 4) shows us traveling through Baja California, Durango, Nayarit, Jalisco, Guerrero to Oaxaca area. Mexico Pictures (Pg. 3 of 4) covers more of Oaxaca, Chihuahua.  Mexico Pictures (Pg. 4 of 4) are pictures from our one week trip from April 13 to 20, 2007 covering the Quintana Roo and Yucatan area. To read all about this trip proceed to Mexico Journal.

Route Map through WESTERN UNITED STATES. Covered approx. 15,400km on the motorcycles including the Mexico portion of the trip.

Sept. 19, 2004. Sunday Week 1. With the prep work done the journey started Sept. 19, 2004 at 7am local time in Calgary, Alberta, temperature -2Deg.Celsius.

Left Calgary, headed down boring straight Hwy 22 to the border and crossed at Chief Mountain into Montana, United States.

We took the south Hwy 2 around Glacier Park, through Whitefish, and then south on Hwy 35/93 to Missoula.

Clouds were building and as we hit one of our favorite roads Hwy 12, Lolo Pass it started to rain and then snow.

Trying to catch snow flakes on the tank bag.

In good spirit be pushed on to Grangeville, Idaho and decided to keep on riding to Riggins, were we had camped before. We had put in a good days riding at 1055km.

Sept. 20, 2004. Another early start, temperatures were now in the teens as we turned south west at New Meadow. Passed into Oregon at Ontario and west on Hwy ??.

As luck has it we were stopped twice by the cops in Oregon. First time we were pulled over for passing a Sheriff on a double solid line ($237US each) and only 30 minutes later the highway patrol cop clocked us speeding in a corner. Yeah, he was nice enough to let us off with a warning.

All I could think was "let's get the heck out of Oregon". We decided to take Hwy 395 south, entered California at the north eastern portion of the state.

It was getting late and as we gained elevation the temperatures dropped. So again we pushed on to Reno, Nevada and got a hotel room. Another day of 1017km.

Sept. 21, 2004. Well rested, with the temperature at 6�C we re-entered California on Hwy 395.

Since we had made some good time/distance we detoured into Yosemite National Park.

Hwy 395 in California.

View onto Moon Lake, California.

The road climbed to an impressive 9,945 ft (3,031m) at the Tioga Pass.

Artistic Shot:)

Entering the Park.

Resting at the top.

The road from Yosemite Park to Hwy 395.

Next destination was Death Valley National Park. Holly Molly, straight road, that is probably the longest dead straight road we have ever seen.

Joshua Tree, perfect picture opportunity just before entering the Death Valley Park.

Okay, another picture just because.

Entering Death Valley National Park.

Temperatures finally started to warm up to a comfortable 25Deg.C. Death Valley National Park had just been reopened two weeks prior.

In August a huge flash flood hit the Valley and destroyed 90% of the roads.

The views are incredible and yes there are a couple of twisties.

The end of the road with an amazing view of Death Valley.

Mmmhh. Another very straight road.

Another picture opportunity at the Sand Dunes.

Sand Dunes.

We set up camp at the Furnace Creek Campground. Another day of 620km.

Sept. 22, 2004. After a visit to the museum we rode to the Badwater Basin. Wow straight road as far as you can see.

The Badwater Basin is the lowest point in America at 85.5m below the sea level.

The saltwater flats stretched out for miles and Mike couldn't resist tasting the white stuff, that is salt.

That is salt and not snow. The road was closed beyond this point due to the floods.

Backtracking we went down this gravel road to the Natural Bridge, but only got 1km into it and had two close calls in dropping the bikes.

The weight of the bikes and deep sandy gravel does not work well together.

Instead we took a walk along Golden Canyon.


It was time to head south again to make San Diego at night fall. Rolled into San Diego late and pitched a tent in a local RV park for free (620km).

Sept. 23, 2004. Prior to leaving on the trip we had booked Mike's 10,000km (6,000miles) service with Brattin BMW Dealer in San Diego.

We dropped of the BMW at 8am for service, ended up buying a new Arai XD Helmet and sending back via mail the Suomy Helmet.

Brattin BMW gave Mike a courtesy BMW 650 (Belt Drive) and we scooted over to a nearby lake and waiting for the service to be completed. Were a bit surprised that it took them all day to do an oil change and inspection.

Finally on the road, we made our way out of San Diego on Hwy 94 which twists south east to the border crossing at Tecate. We spent the night at the Potrero Regional Park Campground which was located only 5 minutes from the Tecate Border Crossing. Proceed to Mexico Photogallery for the Mexico portion of this trip.

Almost a month later. Oct. 18, 19 & 20, 2004. Back in the United States, Tuscon, Arizona at the BMW Iron Horse Dealer after a great trip through Mexico.

When we fixed the flat on the 2004 BMWR1200GS in Copper Canyon, we noticed 1/4" of play in the rear wheel. The rear hub was replaced.

I also did get my 22,000km service done.

Oct. 20, 2004. Leaving Arizona. Tuscon to Silver City.

Entering New Mexico.

Oct. 21, 2004. Black Range.

Mibres Mountains.

New Mexico Scenary.

Rio Grande Gorge in the distance.

Rio Grande River.

Rio Grande River.

Rio Grande Gorge.

New Mexico, Hwy 522.

Snowstorms all around us and the sun is setting, just before the Colorado borders.

Oct. 22, 2004. Fort Garland to Walsenburg Hwy 160 at 8,200ft Pass.

Oct. 23, 2004. Complete new Rear Drive for my 2004 BMWR1200GS at 24,000km.

Foothills BMW Dealer - Lakewood, Colorado. Fixed Bike.

Leaving Colorado.

Entering Wyoming.

Sheridan, Wyoming. Icy roads.

Oct. 24, 2004. Passing into Montana from Wyoming.

Snow and -7Deg. Celsius.

Montana. Trying to avoid snow storms in the distance.

Oct. 25, 2004. Sweet Home Calgary Alberta. Yes this is snow in the front yard.