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Namibia Trip Pictures (Page 1 of 2) from Jan. 30 to 31, 2008 and Mar. 08 to 28, 2008

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Our Route through NAMIBIA. Covered approx. 5000km on the motorcycles, of which 3000km on gravel.

Jan. 30, 2008. Originally entered Namibia from Zambia at the Wenela Border Post...

... and rode through the Caprivi Strip to stay at the Ngepi Camp. This campsite is very unique.

The washrooms are located in the open.

This is the King's Toilet.

Bathtub and sink overlooking the Kavango River.

Ruby goes to the Queen's Bathroom.

It takes a bit getting used to.

Another example of a shower and sink in the open.

We meet up with Chris again on his CMM250, who had come down the west side of Africa.

The restaurant/bar/sitting area of the campground.

The site also boosts the World first "Hippo & Croc Cage Dive" ...

... from a floating swimming pool in the Kavango River.

The 4km road in and out of the Campsite ...

... was mainly under water.

Mar. 08, 2008. After spending time in Botswana, Mozambique & South Africa,...

...we return to Namibia entering at Noordoewer.

The Felix Campground on the Orange River.

A nice campsite to hang out for a couple of days.

Mar. 11, 2008. Riding along the Fish River Canyon Park toward Ai-Ais.

Namibia is littered with old rusted trucks.

North of Ai-Ais our first view of the Canyon.

Quiver Trees can be found along the route.

The tree derived its name from the bushman ...

... who made quivers from the tree.

The view from the FISH RIVER CANYON LOOKOUT ...

... approx. 55km north of Ai-Ais.

The 4-5 day 85km hike along the bottom of the canyon starts here.

The canyon is 160km in length, ...

... up to 27km wide ...

... and 550m deep.

No greenery here.

Hungry and thirsty we stop for breakfast at the Roadhouse ...

... approx. 15km from the park. The food is excellent and the setting unique.

German Advertisements are plastered all over the wall.

The inside of the restaurant has various antiques.

Old license plates are stuck to the chairs.

It is a fun place to explore.

Another one of the old trucks on the side of the road.

Continuing north the road starts to get muddier.

Mud is not a friend of street tires.

Sandy and wet sections.

We had to buy fuel off the black market, ...

... as distance between towns sometimes exceeded our tank capacity.

A stop at the Seeheim hotel for a cool drink...

... and to check out some more ancient equipment.

Mar. 12, 2008. The C27 gravel road from Helmeringhausen to Sesriem.

Due to all the rain the desert is in full bloom.

It is a beautiful sight.

We encounter our first larger sand dunes.

Staying at the Sesriem Park Campground for $105.00CDN/night.

Before sunset we venture into the park to see the large sand dunes.

The wind sweeps across the sand dunes.

Large clouds start to build for the daily thunderstorms.

A rainbow appears.

Trees that have seen better times.

Hanging out at DUNE 45 to wait for sunset.

The motorcycles are in the foreground for scale.

Even here the desert is starting to turn green.

Dunes here reach up to 325m.

The distance to walk to the top often deceiving.

Another size comparison as people walk along the rim of the dune.

The colors are beautiful.

The sun is slowly setting at after 7pm.

A large Thunderstorm is building.

Mar. 13, 2008. We ride the 65km to the 4x2wheel drive parking lot ...

... just before sunrise to get these pictures.

National Park vehicles take us the 5km to the Dead Vlei drop-off area.

We are the first to arrive at the Dead Vlei (in the background).

The DEAD VLEI has tree stumps sticking out of the pancake flat salt ground.

Surrounded by huge sand dunes.

The salt flat is still in the shadow of the adjacent dunes.

It is a strange place, where life does not seem to exist.

It looks like a dried up salt lake.

The shadows from the trees in contrast with the red dunes...

... and white flats are beautiful. This is one of our favourite pictures.

We spent more then two (2) hours walking among these trees.

Even the flats outline an image of a tree.

The flats with Ruby in the distance.

It is truly an amazing place to visit.

It is just the two (2) of us.

We sit high up on the surrounding dunes & watch the sun peak over the rim.

The Dead Vlei in full sun.

Saying good-bye to a unique place.

We continue to Solitaire. A small settlement consisting of a gas station & lodge/campground.

It is also famous for its yummy Apple Strudel (Pie).

Camping at Solitaire.

Mar. 14, 2008. From Solitaire we stay on the C14 ...

... crossing the Tropic of Capricorn.

The scenery in the Namib-Naukluft Park after the amazing Kuiseb Pass.

Not much for life out here.