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South Africa Trip Pictures (Page 3 of 3) from Feb. 04 to 06 & Feb. 14 to Mar. 08, 2008
and Mar. 29 to Apr. 11, 2009

In 2008 we travelled through South Africa on the motorcycles and returned in 2009 to attend a wedding of Kate & Morgan who we had met the previous year. To proceed to Lesotho Photos or to return to South Africa Photos Page 1, South Africa Photos Page 2 or South Africa Journal.

Our Route through SOUTH AFRICA in 2009 covering approx. 2500km in the car. In 2008 we covered 5800km on the motorcycle.

March 29, 2009. We arrive at noon in Johannesburg, rent a vehicle and take the 5 1/2hr drive to KRUGER NATIONAL PARK.

We arrive at the southern gate, the Malelane Gate, just before closing (6pm).

We stay at the Berg-en-Dal Campsite and even get a spot without prior reservations.

The camping and park fees for two (2) nights was 1000Rand (approx. $120.00CDN).

The campsite is set in a hilly landscape and well fenced.

The next morning we get going before dawn.

Right outside the campsite we see elephants, as we turn onto the S114 going north ...

...our first encounters of Rhinos.

We initially stay on paved roads with our little Kia Rental car.

Maximum speed on paved roads is 50km/hr and 40km/hr on gravel roads.

The graceful impala Gazelle.

One lookout of many along the way.

Traffic jam due to a family of Elephants taking up the entire width of the road.

We were pleasantly surprised with the lack of traffic we encountered, ...

... especially once we got onto the gravel roads. A Vervet Monkey.

As we take the lower Sabie Road, ...

... which has many picnic spots along the Sabie River...

...a perfect place for as to have some lunch with blue balled monkeys looking on.

This is so much better then going to a Zoo. We are self driving through a huge park...

... filled with an abundant amount of animals.

It doesn't get any easier then this.

At the Lower Sabie Camp we encounter ...

... lots of close ups of Buffalos.

From the Lower Sabie camp we head south-west on a gravel road ...

... to our campsite.

A herd of impala gazelle joint by ...

... gazing Zebras.

Kruger National Park has more than 5000 Giraffes.

Giraffe feeding off the upper leaves.

Chacma baboons watching us.

Off the beaten path we have elephants cross our path yet again.

Spotting another Rhino.

Only a few kilometers from the Berg-en-Dal Campsite a waterhole...

...a perfect spot to hang out and take in the numerous animals...

...gathering just before the sun sets.

The perfect ending.

March 31, 2009. We are up again early and are lucky to encounter...

...several female and male lions just outside our camp gate.

The male lion gets up and walks away.

Here we are only...

...meters away from the elephants.

We decide to take the long way out of the park.

One could spent a week exploring the many roads.

Heading north again on the S114 we come upon a couple of female lions...

...which are definitely not very interested in us.

They intensily stare straight ahead at their prey.

A lone wildebeest.

Spotted hyena.

How great is this ... rhinos, elephants and more.

The previous year on our way through Africa on the motorcycles we only saw one rhino in Tanzania...

...on this trip we could not get away from them. We make our way out of Kruger National Park via the Paul Kruger Gate.

We head through Hazyview, south through Nelspruit onto R40, skirting the small country of Swaziland all the way to Pet Retief were we stay at this campsite.

April 01, 2009 we enter Zululand, the iSimangaliso WETLAND PARK.

From St. Lucia we head north to Cape Vidal.

We hike up a lookout point and see in the distance Lake St. Lucia.

At Cape Vidal the campsite is full as it is holiday season in South Africa.

We decide to stroll along the beach on the Indian Ocean.

This beach area is part of the St. Lucia Marine Reserve.

Of course we can't resist to take a dip in the warm waters of ...

... the Indian Ocean.

This area is part of the KwaZulu-Natal.

The Greater St Lucia Wetland Park encompasses ...

... mountains, bushveld, plam groves, sand forest, grassland, wetland, coastal forest, coral reef and ocean.

On the drive back to St. Lucia an interesting sign.

A few from the road to the Indian Ocean.

A surprise encounter with another Rhino.

We are still in the Park boundaries.

It is still amazing to be driving along and to see this much wildlife.

After a few minutes the Rhino decided ... cross the road bringing all traffic to a stand still.

Camping in St. Lucia.

April 02, 2009. We head south from St. Lucia along the coast line and turn inland onto R74 through Greytown...

... to Winterton and onto the R600 into the Champagne Valley (Central Berg).

We stay at this beautiful campsite called the Inkosana Lodge.

It is a perfect day to take a swim in the man-made pond.

In the evening Mike whips up some great food which we enjoy with of course South African Wine.

April 03, 2009. Yeah, Mike's Birthsday. We head for the MONKS COWL Park Entrance.

We enter the uKhahlamba DRAKENSBERG PARK WORLD HERITAGE SITE bright and early.

After registering we are off on our hike. Our first stop is the Sterkspruit Falls.

Continuing along the pass we find the pools.

An hour into the hike we make it to the Nandi Falls.

The hiking trail in some area well walked...

A red-hot poker. some areas the path has been taken over by very long grass.

We make it to the Blindman's Corner at 2100m altidute, when the weather starts to turn on us...

... and we decide to head back down the mountain.

Not much human traffic up here.

As we get further down the mountain the view is clearing.

The Drakensberg Mountain Range.

Making our way around the Sphinx.

Colorful Spider.

Taking a break at the Crystal Falls.

A nice 15km hike...

... comes to an end.

How else to celebrate a Birthday then with South African Wine and Boerewors (Farmers Sausage).

April 04, 2009. Back on the road we make our way ...

... through the Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

From here we enter Lesotho at Caledons. See Lesotho Photos for our route through Lesotho.

April 06, 2009. We re-entered into South Africa from Mafeteng, Lesotho, and followed the southern and eastern border of Lesotho to Khotos Backpackers at the foot of the Drakenberg Mountains...

...close to Underberg. Crazy Steve and his wife own this great place.

With a full house we spend the evening braiing in the back yard and making new friends.

This is very South African. We are having Boerewors (farmers sausage) and huge, did we mention HUGE steaks. Steve told us it was Giraffe steak, of course he was kidding. We hope...

April 07, 2009. From Crazy Steve place we drive through Ixopo and join up with the N2 going north at Umzinto.

We end up at Blue Sky Mining Backpackers...

... only 30km south from Durban in Werners Beach.

We did set up our tent between a couple of swimming pools. Camping in paradise.

A perfect place to hang out for a few days.

Meeting up with Morgan and Kate. From the right Morgan, his Dad and Aunt.

From the left Morgan's Mom, Kate's Sister and Mom.

From the left Kate, her twin Sister and Mom. The night before the wedding.

How better to pass the time then playing... the Indian Ocean.

Mike is the more adventurous...

...or should I say better swimmer.

Surfing the waves.

April 09, 2009. A year earlier we had spend a week with Morgan and Kate,...

...Morgan had walked up to us at a gas station outside of Durban and the rest is history.

When we left we had promised to them that if they ever got married we would come to their wedding...

...little did we now that only 6 months later we received the invitation.

Here we are now watching Kate's Twin sister walk down the aile...

...followed by the beautiful Bride Kate and her Dad.

Kate from Great Britian and Morgan from South Africa...

...take their vows.

It couldn't have been a nicer day outside.

Rose petals rain down on the newly weds.

Ruby sneeks in a picture with the Bride.

Morgan with his Mom and Dad.

The Morgan Family.

The first dance together as Mr. & Mrs.

Throwing the flowers.

Morgan being himself.

A wedding so very similar to a Canadian Wedding.

Morgan throws the garder.

The castle, what a great place to have the wedding...

...a perfect spooky picture.

April 10, 2009. We say our good-byes...

...hoping to welcome them to Canada one day. The next day we head to Johannesberg and fly back home. We will be back South Africa.