2014 Phottogallery Sweden
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Sweden Trip Photos & Journal from July 03 and July 07 to 11, 2014

Country: Sweden
Duration: July 03 and July 07 to 11, 2014
Sweden Ferry Info: 30 min Ferry from Helsingborg, Sweden to Helsingør, Denmark
Distance Traveled within the Country: ~2272km
Memorable Impressions:
Super clean and modern, but at the same time embracing the historical past of Sweden with its industrial revolution and strong military naval bases. The country is great for the outdoor lover as it emphasizes on easy accessibility to the lakes and nature in general.
Fuel Cost: ~ 14.62 SEK ($2.34)/litre (Diesel)
Accommodations Cost: Campsites averaging $22.00 to $48.00/night
Food & Drink Cost: Self sufficient. Groceries from the local supermarket
Exchange Rate: 10.00 SEK = $1.60 CDN
Border Formality Costs: Not Applicable, part of EU

The photos and journal of the trip are covered in a digital photo book in PDF format. Please click on the the Photo Book
Cover below.

2014 Sweden Photogallery

Viewing of the PDF file will require Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader please click on the following "Get Adobe Acrobat Reader" Logo.

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