2016 LYUM and RFC Photos
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Lycian Way Ultra Marathon from Sept. 24 to Oct. 02, 2016 and
Runfire Cappadocia 6G from July 23 to 31, 2016

Moving to Turkey had gotten us back into Trail Running and in 2016 we set ourselves a challenge to participate in some long distance trail running races. Mike had done some Ultramarathons in the past, but for me it was a whole new experience. In the fall of 2015 we had switched to zero drop shoes, running with the Vibram Five Finger shoes and Altra Lone Peak 2.5. Winter training went well and we signed up for the Iznik Ultra Marathon in April. Unfortunately in early February I inquired my right calf muscle. Recovery took almost four (4) months. Mike decided to still take part in the Iznik Ultra Marathon with me being his support person. The toughest thing was being there at the registration and not being able to register as well. While there, we stopped in at the Uzunetap booth. The previous year we had participated in the one day Runfire 20km race in Cappadocia and Lycian Way 20km race. Both races were organized by Uzunetap. The races were the highlight of the year, the enthusiasm of the crew and the amazing scenery were unbeatable. So here we were April 2016, we had talked about maybe doing the Lycian Way Ultramarathon, but with the injury still fresh we had placed it on the back burner. However, both Özger and Ecem at the Uzunetap booth were excited to see us and enticed us with a 10% off. We ended up signing up for the Runfire Cappadocia 6G Discovery (120km) in July and Lycian Way Ultra Marathon (255km) in September. With that our training started.

Runfire Cappadocia Official 2016 RFC Video (RFC)
Official Website:
Location: Cappadocia, Turkey
6G Discovery
Duration: July 23 to 31, 2016
Cost: 1200Euro/person
Race Details: Fully supported six (6) day race, with 15 to 25km running distance a day and a total of approx. 125km. Includes Camp accommodations and amazing catering.
Uniqueness: Running through the UNESCO World Heritage Cappadocia landscape, with fairy tale chimneys and ancient cave dwellings and churches. Temperatures soar in the summer in this region into the 30ºC range in the shade, hence the name of the race "Runfire". One of the highlights is running across the Lake Tuz (Salt Lake). The daily starting times are on purpose late to ensure running in the heat of the day....Challenging Run towards Fire!

Lycian Way Ultra Marathon Official 2016 LYUM Video (LYUM)
Official Website:
Lycian Way, along the coast between Fethiye and Antalya, Turkey
Ultra Marathon
Duration: Sept 24 to Oct. 02, 2016
Cost: 900Euro/person
Race Details: Self supported six (6) day race, covering approx. 255km, 6800m+ ascend, with a 106km longest day. Each participant has to carry enough food for the six (6) days and a sleeping bag. Camp accommodations are provided by the race organizer.
Uniqueness: The race follows the ancient Lycian trail along the beautiful turquoise Mediterranean coast and through ancient Lycian settlements. Navigation is challenging, the terrain rough with tough mountain ascends and descends. Adding to the equation the heat, makes this Ultra Marathon one amazing race where at the end the slogan of the race rings only too true....Meet your Limits!

The photos and journal of the trip are covered in a digital photo book in PDF format. Please click on the the Photo Book
Cover below.

LYUM and RFC Photos

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