2016 Photogallery South Eastern Turkey
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The South Eastern Turkey Trip Photos & Journal from November 02 to 09, 2016

Country: Turkey
Duration: November 02 to 09, 2016
Distance Traveled: ~5500km
Memorable Impressions:
As always a truely enjoyable trip. The further east we travel the more engulfed one gets in the culture and history of the ancient civilizations that used to call this land home. Over the years we have seen a significant portion of Turkey, especially the more remote places, but there is still so much more. It seems we just scratched the surface. The part we love about this country is its friendly people, great food, diverse landscape and amazing historical sites. Especially eastern Turkey still remains a hidden gem where the Kurdish, Yezidi, Christian and Syrian cultures merge. There are many memorable moments, but the highlights were definitely the World Class Mosaic Museums in Hatay and in Gaziantep and the almost perfectly intact Roman Road mendering its way for kilometers and kilometers over the hills just north of Adana.
Fuel Cost:
~ 4.15 TL ($1.70CDN)/litre (Diesel)
Accommodations Cost:
Camped in secluded spots without facilities, Hotel in Hatay & Mardin averaging 160TL ($65.00CDN)/night
Food & Drink Cost:
Self sufficient. Groceries from the local supermarket
Exchange Rate:
1.00 TL = $0.41 CDN
Border Formality Costs:
Extra 3rd Party Liability Insurance for the Asian side of Turkey (3-month for 300TL or $123.00CDN)

The photos and journal of the trip are covered in a digital photo book in PDF format. Please click on the the Photo Book
Cover below.

2016 Photogallery South Eastern Turkey

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