2017 Photogallery Spain
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Spain Trip Photos & Journal from May 24 to June 12, 2017

Country: Spain

Duration: May 24 to June 12, 2017

Distance Traveled within the Country: ~3800km

Memorable Impressions:
In 2008 we only visited Mérida and Burgos on the way through with the motorcycles from our Africa trip at which time we promised to be back again. This time we cruised all around Spain with our Toyota Landcruiser visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and some other historic places.

On our bucket list was of course Alhambra in Granada and the Mezquita in Córdoba, which both did not disappoint with their beautiful Moorish architecture. No visit to Spain is complete until visiting Gaudi’s masterpiece the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Spain is dotted with small picturesque old towns. It was a pleasure to explore the historic town centres of Segovia, Àvila, Toledo, Cuenca, Baeza, Úbeda, Càceres and Salamanca. Other highlights were the mosaic museum in Mérida and the Altamira Caves.

To see the photos and read the journal of our 2008 Spain trip follow this link.

The photos and journal of the trip are covered in one (1) digital photo book in PDF format. Please click on the the Photo Book Cover below. Note the pdf is 167MB in size and the book has 158 pages.

  2017 Photogallery Spain  

Viewing of the PDF file will require Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader please click on the following "Get Adobe Acrobat Reader" Logo.

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