2018 Photogallery Belgium & NE France
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Belgium & North-Eastern France Trip Photos & Journal from Mar. 30 to Apr. 09, 2018

Country: Belgium & North-Eastern France

Duration: March 30 to April 09, 2018

Distance Traveled within the Countries: ~2500km

Memorable Impressions:
Our original reason for coming to Belgium and north-eastern France was to watch the Tour of Flanders and Paris to Roubaix one-day classic bicycle races live. Two (2) events on Mike’s bucket list and they did not disappoint.

As we had a week between races, we decided to see the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Belgium and in north-eastern France.

One of the most surprising highlights to us is Belgium’s great variety and delicious desserts, junk foods and beers. We are not sure how the Belgians stay skinny, but they seem to be a healthy bunch. Waffles topped with strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate. Hundreds of different beers with hip labels. The Belgian fries (frits) are a must have with mayo. Last, but not least, the Belgium chocolate creations are amazing.

Another memorable moment is visiting the Pairi Daiza Zoo. We also paid our respects to the fallen Canadians during WWI at the Memorials in Belgium and France. Being close to Epernay we had to take a tour of the Moët & Chandon Champaign Cellar.

The photos and journal of the trip are covered in one (1) digital photo book in PDF format. Please click on the the Photo Book Cover below. Note the pdf is 65MB in size and the book has 64 pages.

  2018 Photogallery Belgium & NE France  

Viewing of the PDF file will require Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader please click on the following "Get Adobe Acrobat Reader" Logo.

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