2019 Photogallery Peru
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Peru Trip Photos & Journal from January 13 to February 18, 2019

Country: Peru

Duration: January 13 to February 18, 2019

Distance Traveled within the Country: ~6733km

Memorable Impressions:
A huge country with lots of archaeological and historic sites. There is no shortage of unique Inca and Pre-Inca civilization ruins. Each one is uniquely different from the previous one. The landscape is as varied as the historic sites, from the high Andes
to the barren desert along the coast. We gave the Amazon a miss on this trip.

Our highlights were hiking to Machu Picchu, exploring Lake Titicaca in a traditional reed boat, lying over the Nazca Lines, visiting the Chauchilla Cemetery, watching Condors soar above Cañón Del Colca, and hiking in the Huascarian National Park.

On a negative note the corruption of the highway police toward tourists was a bit disappointing and annoying.

The photos and journal of the trip are covered in one (1) digital photo book in PDF format. Please click on the the Photo Book Cover below. Note the pdf is 215MB in size and the book has 220 pages.

  2019Photogallery Peru  

Viewing of the PDF file will require Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader please click on the following "Get Adobe Acrobat Reader" Logo.

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