Himba People in Northern Namibia
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How do we prepare
for each trip &
what gear do we carry?

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Africa Trip Preparation from Aug. 29, 2007 to August 31, 2008 - Approx. 70,000km

This page includes some of the main research that was required to make our dream a reality.

Our Good-Bye Cake for 100 People and a Toast to Wild Africa

Proposed Route:

Trip Planning Check List:

September 2006

October 2006

November 2006

December 2006

January 2007

February 2007

March 2007

April 2007

May 2007

June 2007

July 2007

August 2007


Proposed Schedule, Visa & Carnet de Passage Requirements: 

This spreadsheet was updated (with the exception of actual travel dates) after completion of the Africa trip. Visa and Carnet de Passage requirements continuesly change and also depend on nationality of applicant.

Country  Dates No. of Days Entry Visa Acquire Visa @ Yellow Fever Req'd Carnet de Passage
From To Req'd Valid Cost/person Border Prior Req'd %
Germany  30-Aug-07 06-Sep-07 7 N/A           No   
Austria  06-Sep-07 07-Sep-07 1 N/A           No   
Italy  07-Sep-07 24-Sep-07 17 N/A           No   
Sicily  25-Sep-07 02-Oct-07 7 N/A           No   
Tunisia  03-Oct-07 08-Oct-07 5 Yes 30 Free Tunis, Tunisia     No   
Algeria  09-Oct-07 14-Oct-07 5 Yes  30 $75.00CDN  Did not Visit      No   
Tunisia  15-Oct-07 21-Oct-07 6     See Above          
Libya  22-Oct-07 30-Oct-07 8 Yes  30 $51.00CDN  By Tourist Escort      Yes  100%
Egypt  31-Oct-07 14-Nov-07 14 Yes  30 $15.00US  Salum, Egypt    Recom'd  Yes  55%
Sudan  15-Nov-07 25-Nov-07 10 Yes  90 $100.00US    Cairo, Egypt    Yes  
Chad  Note 4 
Eritrea  Note 4 
Djebouti  Note 5 
Somalia  Note 4 
Ethiopia  26-Nov-07 08-Dec-07 12 Yes  30 $30.00US    Cairo, Egypt  Yes  Yes  
Kenya  09-Dec-07 19-Dec-07 10 Yes  90 $50.00US  Moyale, Kenya    Yes  Yes  78%
Uganda (Note 1)  20-Dec-07 25-Dec-07 5 Yes  90 $50.00US  Bugiri, Uganda    Yes  Yes  100%
Rwanda  26-Dec-07 28-Dec-07 2 Yes    Free Kisoro, Rwanda     No   
Burundi  Note 4 
Tanzania  29-Dec-07 16-Jan-08 18 Yes  90 $50.00US  Rusumo, Tanzania    Recom'd  Yes  100%
Malawi  17-Jan-08 23-Jan-08 6 Yes 90 Free Songwe, Malawi     Yes  100%
Zambia  24-Jan-08 03-Feb-08 10 Yes  90 $110.00US  Mchinji, Zambia    Recom'd  Yes   
Zimbabwe  29-Jan-08 29-Jan-08 1 Yes  1 $65.00US  Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe    Recom'd  N/A  
Botswana  04-Feb-08 11-Feb-08 7 Yes 90 Free Mohembo, Botswana     Yes  29%
South Africa  12-Feb-08 15-Feb-08 3 Yes 90 Free Martin's Drift, South Africa     Yes  29%
Mozambique  16-Feb-08 23-Feb-08 7 Yes  30 $16.00US  Moamba, Mozambique    Yes  Yes  
Swaziland  24-Feb-08 27-Feb-08 3 Yes 90 Free Lomahasha, Swaziland     Yes  29%
South Africa  28-Feb-08 04-Mar-08 5     See Above Golela, South Africa     Yes  29%
Lesotho  05-Mar-08 07-Mar-08 2 Yes 30 Free Sani Pass, Lesotho     Yes  29%
South Africa  08-Mar-08 18-Mar-08 10     See Above Caledonspoort, South Africa     Yes  29%
Namibia  19-Mar-08 02-Apr-08 14 Yes 90 Free Wenela, Namibia     Yes  29%
Noordoewer, Namibia 
Angola  03-Apr-08 10-Apr-08 7 Yes  30 $100.00US    Runda, Namibia Yes  Yes   
Dem. Rep. of Congo  11-Apr-08 14-Apr-08 3 Yes  30 $130.00US    Luanda, Angola Yes  Yes  100%
Congo  15-Apr-08 18-Apr-08 3 Yes  15 $89.00US  Brazzaville,Congo Note 2    Yes  Yes  100%
Gabon  19-Apr-08 24-Apr-08 5 Yes  30 $63.00US    Brazzaville, Congo  Yes & Cholera  Yes  50%
Equatorial Guinea  Note 5 
Cameroon  25-Apr-08 30-Apr-08 5 Yes  60 $130.00US    Brazzaville, Congo  Yes  Yes  53%
Central African Republic  Note 4 
Nigeria  01-May-08 04-May-08 3 Yes  30 $157.00US    Douala, Cameroon  Yes  Yes   
Niger  05-May-08 15-May-08 10 Yes  30 $35-50.00US    Note 8  Yes  Yes  25%
Benin  16-May-08 21-May-08 5 Yes  30 $50.00US  Cotonou, Benin    Yes & Cholera  Yes  100%
Togo  22-May-08 27-May-08 5 Yes  30 $50.00US  Aneho, Togo    Yes  Yes  100%
Ghana  28-May-08 02-Jun-08 5 Yes  60 $16.00US    Lime, Togo  Yes  Yes  Free 
Ivory Coast  03-Jun-08 08-Jun-08 5 Yes    CFA20,000  Did Not Visit Note 3  Yes  Yes  40%
Liberia  Note 4 
Sierra Leone  Note 4 
Guinea  Note 4 
Guinea-Bissau  Note 4 
Burkina Faso     4 Yes 7 $50.00US Po, Burkina Faso     Yes  
Mali  09-Jun-08 21-Jun-08 12 Yes  30 $50.00US    Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Yes  Yes  0%
Senegal  22-Jun-08 27-Jun-08 5 Yes     Naye, Senegal     Yes  73.3%
Gambia  28-Jun-08 01-Jul-08 3 Yes 30 $12.50US Santa Sue, Gambia   Yes  Yes  
Mauritania  02-Jul-08 09-Jul-08 7 Yes  30 $100.00US    Bamako, Mali Yes & Cholera  Yes  110% FCIF 
Morocco  10-Jul-08 24-Jul-08 14 Yes 90 Free Al-Gargara, Morocco     No   
Spain  25-Jul-08 26-Jul-08 1 N/A           No   
Portugal  27-Jul-08 03-Aug-08 7 N/A           No   
Spain  04-Aug-08 14-Aug-08 10 N/A           No   
Andorra  15-Aug-08 16-Aug-08 1 N/A           No   
France  17-Aug-08 23-Aug-08 6 N/A           No   
Switzerland  24-Aug-08 26-Aug-08 2 N/A           No   
Germany  27-Aug-08 03-Sep-08 7 N/A           No   

Note 1: Travelers with visas for Uganda, Rwanda, or Burundi could be refused entry upon arrival in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Note 2: Take Ferry from Ngobila Beach in Kinshasa to the Beach in Brazzaville.  A 15 day, multiple-entry visa can be bought upon arrival at Brazzaville.

Note 3: Apply for Visa in Accra, Ghana at the Ivory Coast Embassy Phone: 774611; 9, 18th Lane. Must be payable in CFA.  Visa is issued within 24 hours, 2 photos required.

Note 4: Travel not Recommended

Note 19: Not en Route

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