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How do we prepare
for each trip &
what gear do we carry?

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Trip Preparation & Gear

When we are not traveling we are preparing for another trip.  It is both a lot of fun and stressful.  The fun part is the research of far away countries, places to see and routes to take.  The stressful part is running out of time and realizing all the things you still have to do before leaving and the things you won't get to.  Leaving for a four (4) week holiday is simple, but spending six (6) months and more on the road takes a lot more preparation. 

We used to take only four (4) to six (6) weeks vacations on the motorcycles and then realized that life is too short.  We wanted to see the entire world.  The question we had to ask ourselves was how extreme of a plan would it be.

Option 1: Sell everything we have and travel the world for a few years until we run out of money.

Option 2:  Keep all our assets, work like crazy, save and travel for six (6) to twelve (12) months and then work for six (6) to twelve (12) months and back on the road. 

Option 1 was appealing, but we realized that coming back broke after being on the road for a few years wasn't very sensible. But Option 2 gives us the opportunity to grow our assets as we travel the world, stay in the work force and are able to sustain our passions - motorcycling and traveling without going broke.

The sacrifices we had to make are priceless compared to the incredible, unbelievable and unforgettable memories we take away from each trip.  How do we do it?  We live below the standard of our combined income. 

Here are some of the sacrifices we made:

- Originally rented out our beautiful 2500sqft house for three (3) years and bought a new 1000sqft townhouse/garage.  Just big enough to store our belongings and motorcycles. Since than four (4) years have past and we were able to move back to the big house and instead rent out the townhouse/condo.

- The move originally added a minimum 1 hr to our commute to/from work a day.

- Went from a two (2) vehicle household to one (1) vehicle.

- And we stopped eating out.

Every time we are on a jam packed C-train to and from work, we just have to look at each other ... knowing what the other person is thinking....  We smile at each other, the countdown is on and the reason for all this is the ultimate journey.

The purpose of this page is to give other enthusiasts the opportunity to learn and understand what it takes to make ones dream come true.  The information provided on this website is only a guide and as time passes its accuracy will be less reliable.


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